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Subject: What is the Sea Organization
Date: 1999/03/31

What is the Sea Organization?

The Sea Organization (commonly referred to as the Sea Org) is the religious order for the Scientology religion and is composed of the most dedicated Scientologists in the world -- individuals who have dedicated their lives to the service of their religion.

The Sea Organization is a fraternal religious order and is not incorporated or otherwise organized as a legal entity. Members of the Sea Org therefore are wholly responsible to the Church of Scientology for which they work and are subject, as are all other employees of that church, to the orders and directions of its board of directors.

The Sea Org was established in 1967 and once operated from a number of ships. It was set up to help L. Ron Hubbard with research of earlier civilizations and supervise Church organizations around the world. It is also entrusted to minister the advanced services of Scientology.

The Sea Organization retains its name in celebration of the fact that Mr. Hubbard's life was frequently connected with the sea. It exists to help keep Scientology working.

Sea Org members sign a billion year contract which is a symbolic document similar to vows of dedication in other faiths and orders as it serves to signify and individual's eternal commitment to the goals, purposes and principles of the Scientology religion. Sea Org members have dedicated their lives to working toward these ends and toward a world without war, drugs, crime and illiteracy.

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And now for the truth

And that was utter nonsense. Scientology's "Sea Org" is the paramilitary arm of the organization and it is most certainly not a "religious order." Back when L. Ron Hubbard was fleeing from country to country to avoid capture by government law enforcement agencies, he put a number of followers into the converted cattle ship "Apollo" and the Ship of Fools made a mess of themselves from port to port.

It's a lie that the "billion year contract" followers are forced to sign is some how "symbolic." And that lie is part of the facts which Scientology "forgot" to menion here.

See what Scientology's "Sea Org" is supposed to be is a mirror of the "Loyal Officers" that helped to capture and imprison the evil Galactic Ruler Lord Xenu who, L. Ron Hubbard said, had a population problem so he kidnapped trillions of his citizens, froze them, transported them to Teegeeack (now called "Earth") and chained them to volcanoes where he blew them up with fusion bombs. According to Scientology, it is these invisible murdered space alien fragments from these blown up citizens that atach themselves to humans and which cause all of humanity's mental and physical problems. The Scientology organization calls these invisible murdered space alien fragments "Body Thetans."

The "Loyal Officers" captured Lord Xenu for his crimes and inprisoned him with a force field prison powered by an eternal battery. The "Sea Org" that Hubbard created to crew his ship Apollo while he fled the authorities was morphed into a freakish mirror image of Hubbard's delusional science fiction story about Xenu. The motto of this paramilitary branch of Scientology is "We Come Back" which is a further indication of the underlying basis for the branch.

The "Billion Year Contract" is very real for followers who are told to believe that after they die they're taken back to an "implant station" (often on Mars) where they're reimplanted with false notions (which includes religion, ironically) specifically to keep them enslaved as part of the Marcabian conspiracy. After they're "reimplanted" they're frozen and then dropped into Teegeeack's oceans where they thaw out and go searching for human babies being born to take over. Thus followers are told to believe that a billion year contract is reasonable.

Scientology, of course, has the "cure" for this reenslavement of humanity -- which you can purchase for a price. Scientology sells its victims "Auditing" which they tell followers removes these invisible murdered space aliens called "Body Thetans" -- only followers aren't told what they're buying right off, of course. It's only after years of brainwashing and tens of thousands of dollars are Scientology's followers informed about Xenu, Body Thetans, the Marcabs and all the core beliefs of Scientology.

The "Loyal Officers" of the "Sea Org" are the people who "the world will turn to" when the Marcab invasion fleet arives and, like so many billions of years ago, they'll save the universe.

What are the children of these unfortunate people doing while their parents are living a life of misery in the "Sea Org" Well, horribly they're collected together into dorms where they're neglected and abused, starved and filthy. A Clearwater Police Officer noted that the dorm he and his colleagues raided was the single worse incidence of filth and child neglect he had ever witnessed and that condition is well reflected in the horror stories that ex-followers have written about, many of which are in depositions, declarations, affidavits, and otherwise entered into court records.

What happens if you become pregnate while in the "Sea Org?" Forced abortions else expulsion from the paramilitary branch are the two options one has.

Why do followers put up with such abuse? Why do they allow Scientology to take their children away from them where they're abused? It's because followers honestly believe they're saving the world some how and such things as family are -- in Scientology terms -- "a lower dynamic." One's children become less important that the needs and goals of the cult and so "Sea Org" followers throw away their children on the notion they're helping humanity.

As for the other lies Scientology's official spokesperson mentioned, no, Hubbard never did any "research" of any kind leave alone of other civilizations. His career of fleeing from country to country can be reviewed in the history book Bare Faced Messiah which gives a good accounting of Hubbard's days on the Apollo.

As for "ministering the advanced services of Scientology," perhaps that's how Scientology's ringleaders joke about selling the rubes the higher-tiered levels of the bunko bait-and-switch fraud. These days the swindle takes place on the ship "The Freewinds" which is rumored to have asbestos health risks and which is further rumored to have been denied entry into at least one port of call for that reason. The ship is certainly old enough for that hazard to be valid. After it was made public, there were then indications that Scientology started expensive repairs and renovations on board the ship which seems to confirm the rumors.

And no, Scientology does nothing to country war, drugs, crime, or illiteracy. That's more wishful thinking.


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