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Subject: Does Scientology have a scripture?
Date: 2000/03/06

Does Scientology have a scripture?

Yes. The writings and recorded spoken words of L. Ron Hubbard on the subject of Scientology collectively constitute the scripture of the religion. He set forth the Scientology theology and technologies in more than 500,000 pages of writings, including dozens of books and over 2,000 tape-recorded public lectures.

And now for the truth

No, the organization's spokesperson is "sadly mistaken." Let's take a look at what the contemporary word usage is for the word "scripture:"

1.a. A sacred writing or book. b. A passage from such a writing or book. 2. Often Scriptures. The sacred writings of the Bible. Also called Holy Scriptures. 3. scripture. A statement regarded as authoritative.

An argument could be made that Hubbard's meandering nut rants are some how considered "authoritative" however Scientology routinely modifies Hubbard's writings -- often to remove an embarrasing or criminal crack Hubbard made -- so it's hard to imagine anyone looking at the way such "authoritative" writings cound be called "scripture."

A couple of such massively embarrasing comments Hubbard made in his so-called "scripture:" In July of 1928, Hubbard visited China and he wrote about his impressions in a journal -- part of those "scriptures" Scientology tells us about. In that journal he notes a number of things, among them these words of spiritual wisdom:

"As a Chinaman can not live up to a thing, he always drags it down. Hence Tsingtau is rather dirty in spite of Japan's efforts to clean things up."

"They smell of all the baths they didn't take. The trouble with China is, there are too many chinks here."

You can find a copy of the hand written journal entries offered above at to verify the validity of Scientology's "scriptures." When Hubbard become embarrasing, Scientology modifies their "scriptures" and this particular instance is no exception. Check out the crime syndicate's own web site for this information, available at and see if you notice anything missing.

Do you know of any real religions which alters it's "scriptures" to remove massive embarrassments? In the past it was certainly done, sure, yet this is the Internet Age and such deliberate attempts at deception are easilly exposed. Scientology has yet to learn its lessons.

So much for the notion that Scientology has scriptures.

What Scientology does have -- or to be accurate I should say what Scientology did have -- was secret writings, documents that the organization has tried to claim in the past were "trade secrets." Such once-secret documents have been seized by Federal agents and have been smuggled out of the crime syndicate by victims when they escape.

In an amusing incident, the organization even had a number of followers hand over a set of these once-secret documents to individuals who walked into one of their offices one day dressed up in little toy sailor suits demanding a copy -- which they complied with, unthinkingly handing over these secrets. The organization, of course, considers such an act "stealing" and I believe that they filed a criminal complaint and later -- after it was admitted that the followers handed over the documents freely of their own will -- they filed civil lawsuits.

Many of these once-secret "scriptures" are illegal quack medical frauds, descriptions of how Scientology can cure follower's mental and physical problems using dangerous or deadly quack medical rituals -- practicing medicine without a license, something that the crime syndicate has been nailed for before.

Nearly all of the documents are insane, meandering, delusional, disjointed, yet often amusingly funny nut rants written by their mad messiah L. Ron Hubbard, some of them -- maybe even most of them -- were written when Hubbard was stoned out on some illegal drugs with "pinks and greys" apparently being his preference.

To be sure, if Scientology were some how a real religion and if Scientology had real scriptures, it would be well within their right to suggest that their followers have the right to believe whatever they want and I, as a long-time Human Rights activists, would be first in line to defend their rights. The facts of the matter are, however, that Scientology may be comfortably exposed and rightfully subjected to ridicule due to several points:

As you can see, stopping Scientology consists of working to stop its criminal abuses not only against fellow Scientologists yet also against innocent people who might be harmed, swindled, or killed by this dangerous criminal enterprise. If it were a matter of religion -- if the organization were a benign religious organization -- doubtlessly everyone would ignore the organization as just another flying saucer nut cults that seem to spring up in California from time to time. As it is, however, Scientology's criminal history is a matter of record. Scientology's actions are a matter of Judicial and law enforcement concern. Scientology's ideology-motivated abuses are a matter of Human Rights, Civil Rights, and Freedom of Speech Rights activists concern.

Incidentally, the Scientology organization has secrets, not "scriptures." The secrets aren't really so secret any more thanks to the Internet and Freedom of Speech guarenteed by the law (at least in the United States.

A picket report in Canada against Scientology's human rights abuses makes note of this fact. Human Rights activist Keith Henson and four other protesters were picketing Scientology's criminal offices in Toronto, Canada on 17/Feb/2002:

Arel was in town, a new person wanted to picket, so 5 of us picketed from noon to two pm. As usual I was across the street and gave out slightly over 100 Xenu flyers. This KR is from talking to Gregg, Arel, the unknown picketer, and Martin LeMoine, an old time ex scientologist. Martin was part of the Sea Org when it infiltrated into Clearwater and at one time was the ED of the Montreal org. He and his family went "clear" together but never got into the OT levels because he wanted his friends and family to go up the "bridge" together.

To considerable dismay at the org, Martin LeMoine was immediately recognized by Bobby Hill (actually looking sober today) and Val Hill (our boo hoo clam). Bob and Val were very busy trying to steer the latest scientology recruits away from the picketing SPs. (The org seems to have switched from Sat. courses to Sunday to keep the raw meat from the enturbulation of pickets.)

When we showed up "child chaser", the black dude who went after Kim's son in St. Catherine's, got on the red phone. Shortly thereafter, Mario and Pat Felsky plus other senior members of the Day org showed up, having had their Sunday ruined. They begin traffic control, sending people out of the org in places were the picketers were not close to at the time. After Gregg read OT 3, the day people vanished except for Mario and Felsky. Shortly after that Bob and Val Hill showed along with one of the three Mikes.

Best incident of the day was a fresh recruit scientologist who approached Gregg and wanted to talk to him. He had wanted to know why Gregg had a problem with scientology. Mario saw him and screamed "No! Don't talk to him!" The young man said to Mario "I can't hold two conversations at the same time, I want to talk to him" gesturing at Gregg. By this point Mario was approaching a shambling jog. Gregg told the young man, "You won't be able to talk to me, its's against policy" at that moment Mario reach them and said, "You cant talk to him, it's against policy." Mario grabbed at the young man who shook him off one arm, Mario went around him, grabbed him by the other arm and frog marched him into the org.

As he was begin marched away Gregg told him, "You know where you are going now." Then Gregg and Martin both said "Your going to ethics!"

At one point in the picket, two kids of scientology's parents were yelling at Gregg that he was going to die. Kind of makes you wonder what these kids hear at home.

We had a good time, but it was really cold out there today. We are looking forward to warmer weather in March.

Keith Henson

PS police presence, one car went by went by, recognized Gregg and waved.

What real religion has followers that run and hide when someone starts speaking their scriptures? The reason why the Scientology organization doesn't want their victims to hear "OT3" is because they don't want their victims to find out that Scientology is a flying saucer cult and a bait-and-switch fraud.

Also, Scientology routinely engages in copyright fraud. Check out Scientology's Copyright Frauds and Altered 'Scriptures' written by one time Scientologist Mr. Mike McClaughry. Scientology's once-secret writings and their public works written by their mad messiah L. Ron Hubbard are supposed to be unalterable and yet we find the Scientology crime syndicate routinely doing just that.


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