Scientology Spokesperson's Propaganda Lacked Information


Scientology's doublecross (Human Rights Defense (ShyDavid))
12 Jun 2002

Scientology Spokesperson's Propaganda Lacked Information

It is with some dismay that I read Scientology spokesperson Charles Benedetti make false statements that went unchallended by your paper. Ms. McPherson certainly did die from a blood clot that traveled from her leg to her lungs; what Mr. Benedetti didn't mention was the fact that his fine "church" caused that blood clot by treating her brutally over the span of at least 17 days. That treatment included lack of food and water, tying her to the bed, forcing drugs down her throat with a turkey baster, and manhandling her when she tried to escape ---- all of which is stipulated in the written logs kept by her captors. Tests of the fluid in Ms. McPherson's eyes showed she would have died of dehydration if the blood clot had not killed her first. Her pals in the sinister Scientology organization cared more for their public image than her life.

As for Mr. Robert Minton and hundreds of other human rights activists who protest and picket the Scientology enterprise throughout the world, RELIGION IS NOT A FACTOR: we object to the crimes and human rights abuses committed by the business. (Indeed, one is hard-pressed to find anything religious about Scientology.)

Mr. Benedetti falsely asserts that "800 volunteer 'ministers'" of Scientology invaded "Ground Zero" at the World Trade Center. The actual figure is around twenty (20!), and they were so much of a nuisance that several relief workers had them ejected. Internal Scientology e-mail actually GLOATED over the fact that these "volunteer ministers" were PREVENTING grief and trama counsellors from providing services to victims. (I can provide copies of those e-mails if you want them.) The entire world saw the destruction of the World Trade Center towers as a vast crime and tragedy: Scientology Inc. saw it ONLY as a business opportunity.

Ms. Lisa McPherson was so badly beatten and brused that the Clearwater Police Department listed her death as murder. The criminal Scientology enterprise would have us believe that she merely died without any help of Scientology Inc. The 6000+ pages of CWPD documents, and Scientology Inc.'s logs of her unwilling incarceration by Scientologists, show otherwise.

David Rice
723 Calle Casita
San Clemente, CA


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