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Scientology's doublecross

Caroline Letkeman <>
More Super Power Propaganda
25 Mar 2002

In the letter below, Super Power executive Lauri Webster regurgitates David Miscavige's global evaluation and assessment that this planet is doomed without immediate scn intervention. This is how David Miscavige gets his minions producing so as to make more money.

Posted under fair use and in the public interest.

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[Super Power Expansion Project Letterhead]

7 March, 2002

Dear Friend,

With the world in such a state of degradation and dismay, the only hope to reverse the dwindling spiral on Earth is to speed the release of Super Power.

As you know, the 12 Rundowns of Super Power were designed to handle the barriers to this planet's Clearing. By releasing this technology, we will unleash the Super Power of every being who completes these rundowns and they will built the New Civilization so vitally needed.

The rapid completion of the funding and construction of the new building, guarantees this Cleared Earth.

As we are this planet's only hope, the plan to release this technology has been accelerated such that we are urging each and every Scientologist to come on board NOW as a supporter.

I want you to know that your generous gifts and support do make a difference. And as we near completion, there is no better time to strengthen your commitment to YOUR project than now by sending in a gift of $100, $250 or more.

I thank you again for reading my letters and giving us a hand.

Much love,
Lauri Webster
Executive Officer
Super Power Expansion Project


<end quote>

Super Power "Legion of Honor," Matt Feshbach, having received Super Power auditing, is the first of these beings who completed the Super Power rundowns and is forking over the dough to "build the New Civilization so vitally needed." Feshbach is the founder and chairman of the Board of fatpipeu.

From a Super Power flier © 2001 CSRT, Feshbach is quoted as follows:

"I first supported the Super Power project because of what LRH said it would do for this planet. However since completing Super Power I have 100% total certainty that with it's <sic> broad release, LRH's postulate of a cleared Earth will be a reality. It is therefore my duty to carry out LRH's dream and assist in the release of this technology for all mankind. That is why I have dedicated myself to this project's rapid success." Matthew Feshbach

<image of Matthew Feshbach>
<image caption: Matt Feshbach Legion of Honor>
<end quote>

Scientology's administrative system includes "eval tech," which is a procedure addressed to a bad situation--doing an eval determines a "Why" for the bad situation being addressed and with this "Why" the evaluator comes up with a program to "handle" the situation.

It is imo very important to realize that DM and Scientology are now operating on a new post 9/11 evaluation, based on a survey conclusion that the planet is completely ruined, which is to say the wogworld has reached a point where wogs are desperate and beyond all hope, except for Scientology. This is summarized in a speech given by Executive Director International, Guillaume Lesèvre. Int management uses their evals to justify their terrorism.

From International Scientology News Issue 19 © 2001 CSI

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"Very simply," said Mr. Lesèvre, "we first surveyed to find the biggest 'button' in society. Then we tailored a campaign to both show that Scientology can solve that 'ruin,' and provided the actual tech to do it."

The first campaign was "Think for Yourself"--to handle the populace so stuffed with false data they couldn't even think. This was followed, on a gradient, by "Find out for Yourself," then "Learn for Yourself," to get them to reach for the truth and then learn the tech. Next, we surveyed to find society's biggest ruin -- and that resulted in the "Think Clearly" campaign, promoting the only answer to a world without drugs. <sic>

While none of those campaigns ever really end -- they are a continuous action until we clear the whole planet--this year we took the next step, surveying to find out two things: what people think is the worst problem in the world today, and what people think is most worrisome in their lives.

"Answers to these questions are usually very similar," said Mr. Lesèvre. "For instance, drugs was considered the most pressing problem for the world, and in their own individual lives.

"But this year's surveys showed something we have never seen. When asked about the greatest world problem, the answers were very similar to what we have seen before--Drugs, Education and, of course, War.

"But when asked what was most worrisome in their own lives, the answers spanned the entire spectrum. They were worried about their children, their future, peace, their emotional state, stress, conflict, their security, their job, their marriage, and on and on it went.

"In other words, they didn't just have a 'ruin.' They were COMPLETELY RUINED!

"Now that poses a problem: How do we communicate with the public, in a way they will understand, while addressing a thousand and one different problems--their marriage, the kids at each others' throat, the possibility of no future, no idea 'What to do' and you name it?

"Well, there is an answer. Because analyzing their responses, there is a single common denominator: They are worried!

"And beneath that, there is a common 'worry.' What is it? They are worried about not knowing what to do!!

"In fact, they are so worried, they don't think there is anything they _can_ do!

"And that's what gives us the message and slogan for this year's campaign.


With that, Mr. Lesèvre laid out the precise LRH handling we must apply -- the handling LRH developed for the circumstances we currently face: the [VULTURE] MINISTER PROGRAM.

<end quote>

Scn management has marked the 9/11 catastrophe as the point downward in mankind's dwindling spiral that marks, without drastic Scientological measures, a complete loss of hope. This of course "justifies" scn's ceaseless (with or without an excuse) financial demands on their membership and it justifies scn's accelerating fair game tactics against any "SPs" that get in scn's way to "clearing the planet."

DM Windbag is getting a huge pump job out of this eval.

From International Scientology News Issue 19 © 2001 CSI

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"We are the only ones who possess the knowledge, and technology, to _truly_ resolve the problems facing the world today.

"Though said before, it bears repeating: The world did _not_ 'suddenly change.' No. The curtain came down, exposing what has _actually_ been there for a long, long time.

"And if everybody else was 'surprised' indeed 'shocked' by the terrorist acts, it is only because they don't know what we know.

"That is, the name of the actual enemy--the reactive mind."

<end quote>

So it's our BTs that's the problem, folks. The eval and its "Why" unhooded Scientology's Vulture Ministers; DM gave them unlimited ethics authority to perform their mission ops on grieving and suffering wogs -- at every future disaster, and non-disaster for that matter. The Vulture Ministers project their "reactive minds" onto unsuspecting wogs -- and assume, or mock-up, or postulate their DM-authorized authority to perform his acts of concerted psycho-terrorism.

That's quite a curtain, btw. One which by coming *down*, exposes what has been there for a long, long time.

Well, curtains for you too, DM.

Caroline Letkeman
Stage Manager & DM's Only Terminal

NOTE: I'll add that other fraud scammers have used the exact same rhetoric to get the ignorant rubes to send in money, relying upon people's desire to help their fellow humans. Jim Bakker did exactly this same scam when he kept telling his followers that money was needed to build millions in Africa -- which didn't exist.

And who could forget Oral Roberts? He pulled the same scam, demanding more and more money for buildings that would house the faithful to help cure them and save their souls. Some new disaster would always be contrived and the faithful would be asked to give more and more money to fix the problem. It's an old scam. - flr]


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