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Scientology's doublecross

Greetings, SPTimes.® An article on your web site which was obviously written by some anonymous Scientology crook titled, "Scientology's® town, About Scientology" is completely false.

Right off from the first sentence the author starts out with outrageous lies.

"Scientology, which means 'knowing how to know,' is a religion based on the works of L. Ron Hubbard (1911-1986)."

Wrong! The word "Scientology" was originally coined to describe the tax dodge that L. Ron Hubbard eventually came up with to try to make his Dianetics-selling corporation appear to be some how religious solely for tax purposes.

In March of 1953, L. Ron Hubbard wrote to his colleague Helen O'Brien:

"I await your reaction on the religion angle. In my opinion, we couldn't get worse public opinion than we have had or have less customers with what we've got to sell. A religious charter would be necessary in Pennsylvania or NJ to make it stick. But I sure could make it stick."

Because of the Federal investigations and indictments against Hubbard and his Dianetics company frauds, Hubbard attempted to hide his frauds behind the mask of religion. In 1962 a " Hubbard Communications Office Policy Letter (HCPOL) Hubbard wrote:

"Scientology 1970 is being planned on a religious organization basis throught [sic] the world. This will not upset in any way the usual activities of any organization. It is entirely a matter for accountants and solicitors" (HCOPL 29 October 1962 "Religion").

To suggest that an organized crime syndicate is some how "religious" is to proclaim that the Italian Mafia is some how a religion and that the Gambino crime family are its priests.

The anonymous Scientology crook on your web page also makes this outrageous claim:

"...and today there are more than 4,300 Scientology churches, missions and groups around the world."

Wrong! Setting aside the fact that Scientology business offices can not in any way be considered to be "churches," there are at most -- world wide -- less than 1,000 business offices. Across all such offices there are at most some 40,000 remaining customers.

The notoriously criminal Scientology enterprise enjoyed a period of expansion when the Hollywood fad was at its height however thanks to many factors -- most importantly the advent of the Internet -- the truth about the criminal enterprise has helped reduce the number of remaining rubes world wide to somewhere around 40,000 customers.

As if the Internet doesn't exist -- and as if the truth about Scientology doesn't exist -- your anonymous Scientology crook goes further:

"Scientology teaches that a person is an immortal spiritual being (called a 'thetan' from the Greek letter 'theta,' meaning 'spirit'), who has a body and a mind and lives on from lifetime to lifetime."

Wrong! The Scientology corporation does no such thing. The crooks rook and swindle the rubes in to believing that there is something wrong with them -- it doesn't matter what -- and then the crooks sell the ignorant rubes an equally fictitious "cure."

Eventually, over time, the swindle grows and changes in what law enforcement call a classical "bait and switch" fraud. It's only after some $360,000 USD that the rubes eventually learn that they are infested with the invisible fragments of aliens from outer space called "Body Thetans."

The Scientology crooks don't tell their prospective marks about BTs and what Scientology is really all about until long after they have been brainwashed, been rooked out of hundreds of thousands of dollars, and are ripe for the next stage of the old bait-and-switch fraud.

I notice in your anonymous Scientology crook's lies that no where does he or she even mention Xenu, the Galactic Ruler who are responsible for these "Body Thetans" that Scientology eventually tells its customers are responsible for all of their problems: emotional, physical, and mental.

If your anonymous crook is going to pretend to be talking "About Scientology" -- the article's subtitle -- don't you think the crook should actually talk about Xenu, the single most important aspect of what Scientology is all about?

Next we get to another major aspect of the organized crime syndicate's frauds against its customers. We see the anonymous Scientology crook saying:

"Scientologists believe that the 'reactive mind' (the portion that works on a totally stimulus-response basis, not under the control of the individual) commands one's awareness, purposes, thoughts, body and action. Through spiritual counseling called Ďauditing'"

Wrong again! The wet-behind-the-ears Scientology customers who first walk in to a business office (not a "church") are given this spiel in an effort to make them swallow the first set of bait-and-switch lies however the hard-core Scientology customers don't believe any such thing.

They "believe" only what they know will keep the rubes paying in money to advance to the next level of the bait-and-switch scam, and that's the whole Xenu / flying saucer / Body Thetan / only-Scientology-can-save-you set of frauds. Scientology owners and operators no more believe in any of the scams they sell the rubes than does Jimmy Swaggart, Billy Graham, and all the other traditional crooks out there.

Also the term "auditing" as applied by the Scientology corporation is a process that's at its basics brainwashing, and at its most useful, extortion and blackmail. In an "auditing" session, Scientology crooks attempt to implant false memories into their unwitted customers of "past lives" and of fictional events occurring not only within them but also within their real life.

Everything the customer says and does during an "auditing" session gets written down or otherwise recorded. This information has been and continues to be used to blackmail the customer and -- despite the Scientology crooks claiming that the information is some how "inviolate" in the same regard as a "confession" -- such admissions as are made (whether real or imagined) during "auditing" routinely get posted as blackmail, extortion, and embarrassing information on to the Internet and -- when Scientology crooks wish to "destroy utterly," in their terms, an ex-customer, in the form of hate flyers that the criminal enterprise posts around people's towns.

Because your anonymous Scientology crook wants to lie and try to hide the fact of Xenu, Body Thetans, flying saucers and all the rest that form the core of Scientology, we get this from his or her outrageous article:

"Scientologists believe they can reduce and ultimately erase the power of the reactive mind, a source of irrationality, fears and nightmares. Its eradication achieves the State of Clear and brings to view the individual."

Liar! Scientology owners and operators eventually tell their rubes (after paying in all that money and being brainwashed to pliability) that what they're really doing is scraping off these invisible murdered space alien fragments -- which costs even more money, of course.

Every time a "block" on a "reactive mind" is encountered, it's a "Body Thetan" clinging to the person that has to be "woken up" (costs money!) "identified" (costs more money!) and then get scraped off (costs even more money!) Once the BTs, as Scientology's ringleaders call them, are "blown" in this way, the specific problem or block is claimed to be removed and then it's on to the next problem which requires even more money to remove.

After all such invisible space aliens have been scraped off, then the "state of clear" is supposedly achieved. Only gee, wouldn't you know it? People become "restimulated" and find that more BTs have managed to attach themselves to the poor "pre-clear" and, of course, more money is needed to remove them.

The never-ending cycle of fraud goes on until the customer eventually twiggs to the fact, realize they've been duped, and either demand their money back, demand they're going to file criminal charges, or walk away from the fraud, quite a bit of money lost but an expensive lesson learned.

The Scientology crooks have never produced a single "clear." In Los Angeles County, in fact, when Hubbard trotted out his first pretend "clear," she performed so badly that everyone wound up laughing and actual science fiction writers who stepped in for the circus act finally admitted that Hubbard -- never a good writer to begin with -- had finally gone completely insane.

And because of the inability to admit that Scientology is all about outer space, flying saucers and whatnot, we finally get this lie:

"Scientologists think this is a landmark step in the full discovery of one's true nature and in ultimately achieving full spiritual awareness and freedom."

And no mention of the fact that everything is infested with "space cooties" -- a fictional disease that only Scientology can fictional "cure" them of. All for a price, of course.

Next we get a series of "talking points," every one of which is a lie that's been repeatedly exposed by examining Hubbard's actually comments on such matters:

"Scientologists recognize marriage as a part of the second of eight dynamics of existence. The second dynamic includes all creative activity, including sex, procreation and child rearing. The Scientology marriage ceremony is traditional and addresses a union between a man and a woman."

Wrong! The Scientology corporation doesn't have any "marriage ceremony" however Scientology says that gays should be executed. Hubbard calls gays to be "1.1" on what he called his "tone scale." Hubbard had a great many sexual and emotional problems which were made worse by his massive illegal narcotics abuse and his alcoholism, and he spoke at length about exterminating homosexuals "quietly and without sorrow."

Hubbard's exact words expose your anonymous Scientology crook's latest lie in this regard. Hubbard wrote about homosexuals and others he hated thus: (Offered in Fair Use according to US Law)

The reasonable man quite ordinarily overlooks the fact that people from 2.0 down have no traffic with reason and cannot be reasoned with as one would reason with a 3.0. There are only two answers for the handling of people from 2.0 down on the tone scale, neither one of which has anything to do with reasoning with them or listening to their justification of their acts. The first is to raise them on the tone scale by un-enturbulating, some of their theta, by any one of the three valid processes. The other is to dispose of them quietly and without sorrow. Adders are safe bedmates compared to people on the lower bands of the tone scale. Not all the beauty nor the handsomeness nor artificial social value nor property can atone for the vicious damage such people do to sane men and women. The sudden and abrupt deletion of all individuals occupying the lower bands of the tone scale from the social order would result in an almost instant rise in the cultural tone and would interrupt the dwindling spiral into which any society may have entered. It is not necessary to produce a world of clears in order to have a reasonable and worthwhile social order; it is only necessary to delete those individuals who range from 2.0 down, either by processing them enough to get their tone level above the 2.0 line --; a task which, indeed, is not very great, since the amount of processing in many cases might be under fifty hours, although it might also in others be in excess of two hundred -- or simply quarantining them from the society. A Venezuelan dictator [Juan Vincente Gomez] once decided to stop leprosy. He saw that most lepers in his country were also beggars. By the simple expedient of collecting and destroying all the beggars in Venezuela an end was put to leprosy in that country."

Your anonymous Scientology crook some how "forgot" to mention any of this. His Messiah L. Ron Hubbard wants to "delete" homosexuals "quietly and without sorrow" for the good of humanity.

Sounds like something Adolf Hitler tried to do, huh?

Then we get another Scientology lie from your anonymous crook:

"As described in Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health, abortion and attempted abortion can traumatize the mother and unborn child physically and spiritually. Abortion is therefore rare among Scientologists, recognizing that even the fetus may have already been occupied by a spiritual being. In some instances, abortion might be chosen of health concerns of the mother or other personal factors."

Liar! The Scientology corporation has routinely ordered some of their higher-up customers and owners / operators to have abortions since having children detracts from the money that they can give to the Scientology crime syndicate's ringleaders. Rubes who sign up for the syndicate's "Sea Organization" (or "Sea Org," as they call it) have routinely been ordered to have abortions.

What your anonymous Scientology crook didn't mention was the fact that the issue of having abortions wasn't added to the public relations frauds that the corporation sells the rubes until long after the Christian Religious Right added it to their plank of hatred and bigotry, then of course to attempt to ride the wave, the Scientology crooks added it to their own wagon.

Part of the attempt to play pretend that the notoriously criminal Scientology enterprise is some how a religion, the anonymous crook then states:

"Scientologists believe the thetan (spirit) has lived lifetime after lifetime. An individual experiences in his next lifetime the civilization he had a part in creating today. With this knowledge comes more responsibility to help make that tomorrow a good one to return to."

Wrong! The upper crooks in the criminal enterprise believe no such thing. What they do is work hard -- through "auditing" and another series of brainwashing sessions they call "training routines" -- to implant false memories in to their victims, all with an eye toward rooking and swindling them out of as much money as they can.

When a victim can't come up with any "past life" fantasy, they are relentlessly bombarded with accusations that they're "hiding crimes" and other outrageous nonsense by the Scientology crooks, and such punishment doesn't end until the victim gives up and starts reeling off fantasies about "past lives" to make the abuse stop.

Once the "auditor" manages to abuse his or her way through to such a fantasy, the victim continues in the deception, having to elaborate upon the fantasy otherwise punishments will accumulate.

In keeping with the crime syndicate's efforts to hide their frauds and abuses behind the guise of religion, your anonymous Scientology crook then says:

"Scientology affirms the existence of a Supreme Being, although its dogma is unique and does not include the worship of one. Scientologists believe that only through total spiritual enlightenment can one then truly discover and understand the Supreme Being."

Liar! When L. Ron Hubbard started the scam, he tried to pretend that he was going to replace the mental health industry with his insane, drug-addled frauds. The rhetoric of religion was added long after the scam drew the attention of Federal law enforcement agencies -- to the point where the crooks had to flee the United States to escape their indictments, and to the point where the crooks had to sneak in to Clearwater, Florida under the fake name, "United Churches of Florida."

Scientology doesn't "believe" in any "supreme being" -- capitalized like your god damn crook did or otherwise. Hubbard wrote that religion -- including deity constructs -- is an "implant" -- specifically, an "r6 implant."

The Wikipedia encyclopedia project covers this very well:

Christianity and all other religions are, according to Scientology, the equal to video movies that were shown to the murdered space aliens that Lord Xenu collected, murdered, blew up into uncountable fragments, and which attach themselves to humans, causing all of our problems -- including the fictional "reactive mind."

Hubbard wrote in his document called "Operating Thetan Level 8" (or "OT8" for short) that he "went to heaven" which was nothing but a video movie stage set where angels, devils, gods and whatnot were implanted into hapless victims.

For some reason your Scientology crook "forgot" to mention any of this. For some reason your Scientology owner / operator doesn't seem to know anything about the Internet or anything about what his Messiah L. Ron Hubbard actually wrote.

Since your Scientology crook seems to be unaware of it all, he or she may download copies of what Hubbard wrote on the Internet. For OT8, I'd suggest the god damned crook take a look at:

Let's take a look at the next outrageous lie:

"The ministry is open to both men and women, married or unmarried. As people are spiritual beings, the gender of a minister is not an issue."

Liar! To suggest that the mock "ceremonies" that the Scientology crime syndicate commits is some how a "ministry" is about as stupid as calling the door-to-door selling of Amway products a "ministry."

At any rate, anyone who pays the required amount of money to the Scientology crime syndicate is allowed to call themselves a fake "minister." The crooks encourage the deception endlessly in an attempt to play pretend and rook more victims in to the fraud.

Check out

That's a web site that covers the Scientology crook's "Volunteer Minister" scam, one which deliberately attempted to assist the September 11'th terrorists by deliberately trying to divert victims from getting help from qualified relief workers.

And frauds specifically against the people of Clearwater, Florida? Take a look at this crook's claim:

"$605,488 - Pinellas property taxes paid by the church last year"

The crooks took in uncountable tens of millions of dollars from their remaining customers and -- because the crooks don't pay taxes under the blatant guise of some how being a religion -- they "admit" to paying half a million.

Clearwater is being cheated out of ten million dollars in taxes owed to the State every year. Any legitimate corporation that manages to accumulate the amount of money that the Scientology corporation does every year pays their taxes -- they might cheat as well, but not to the tune of nine and a half million bucks.

One of the more amusing notions that the Scientology crime syndicate likes to play pretend with is how many customers they still have despite the advent of the Internet. Because of it we get:

"15,000 - Scientologists traveling to Clearwater each year. 4,378 - Scientology churches, missions and groups worldwide. 155 - Countries with Scientology churches and organizations"

Liar! At best there are approximately 40,000 customers remaining world wide. Perhaps one thousand hard-core rubes and marks who still have any money left come to Clearwater, Florida where they cause Clearwater's down town district to be utterly depressed.

Most countries recognize Scientology as a business. Very few countries call Scientology a "religion" -- and neither does the United States. Tax exemption as a "charity" is how the IRS classifies the crime syndicate, not a "religion."

How does the Scientology crime syndicate gets its money mostly? There are wealthy Scientology customers dotted sparsely around the world, but one of the on-going quack medical frauds that the crime syndicate inflicts upon its victims is describe by your anonymous Scientology crook here:

"106 - Drug and alcohol rehab centers using L. Ron Hubbard technology"

Liar! The crook is talking about a quack notion Hubbard came up with that calumniated in a Scientology fake front they call "NarCONon." NarCONon -- always spelled NarCONon to underscore the fact that it's a fraud -- is nothing less than Scientology. And since it's nothing less than Scientology, the "NarCONon" fraud is nothing but an unworkable financial scam.

Details about Scientology's "NarCONon" fraud can be found at:

That web site goes in to extensive details about the quack medical fraud, the attempts by the Scientology crooks to hide the fact that it is in fact Scientology, and numerous amusing incidents where the Scientology crooks were found out and exposed in cities where the crooks attempted to sneak in under various fictitious names and identities.

At best Scientology's "success rate" with "helping" drug and alcohol addicts is approximately six percent of its customers -- the same ratio of success to failure that matches the well known placebo effect. Scientology crooks like to boast a miraculous success rate however the crooks never manage to prove their claims or provide any evidence -- and for obvious reasons.

People who sign up for Scientology's often-deadly quack medical "NarCONon" fraud are just as well off as people who don't do anything but talk to pencils to cure their addictions -- the placebo effect.

When it comes to the Scientology corporation's notions of "freedom" and "slavery," nothing springs to mind more readily than the "Sea Org" and the syndicate's "Rehabilitation Project Force" (RPF) prison system. We see your anonymous Scientology crook claiming:

"$75 - Weekly salary earned by Sea Org members (church provides meals, lodging, clothes, medical care and transportation)"

Presumably such "medical care" describes how the Scientology murderers "cared" for Lisa McPherson by tying her to her bed and deliberately starving her to death over the course of 17 days until they attempted to dump the body with a Scientology "doctor" on December 5'th, 1995.

Despite that "oversight," the Scientology crook also "forgot" to mention that "Sea Org" victims are paying enormous amounts of money to the Scientology crooks for fictitious "courses." At the same time any time a Scientology rube commits a fictional "crime" against the corporation (such as thinking for herself) she's punished and the fake "wages" they're given are cut along with the food that they're given.

Perhaps your anonymous Scientology crook isn't aware of the syndicate's prison system they call the RPF. For his or her enlightenment, detailed information about this horrid human rights abuse can be found at:

Or a Word Document version of the detailed exposure at:

The minute a Scientology rube starts to question the sanity of continuing to pay huge amounts of money to the crooks while getting rooked and swindled and lied to, they are put on to a "level of danger" -- one of the punishment "levels" that Hubbard came up with. As the victim repeatedly questions the validity of the scam or -- even worse! -- talks about escaping the criminal enterprise, they're placed on a "level of treason" and the punishment can mean death -- "accidental," of course.

And what series of outrageous lies and criminal intent would be complete without making the usual claims about their Messiah L. Ron Hubbard? Here we get:

"According to church biographies, Hubbard traveled extensively through Asia as a teenager and studied Eastern religions and philosophies."

No, he didn't.

That web site contains the full copy of the book, "Bare-Faced Messiah" with the additional advantage of having copies of nearly all of the FBI documents that the author references in his book.

Not only didn't Hubbard "travel extensively" anywhere, he never studied "Eastern religions" or "philosophies."

What he did study was Jack Parsons and the OTO -- ritual sex magic and no end of freakishly bizarre -- but amusing! -- notions being accumulated which were added to the Dianetics scam and, later, to the Scientology scam.

It should be underscored that the Scientology corporation's crooks routinely claim that Hubbard didn't acquire his amusingly insane notions by practicing ritual sex magic with Parsons but that, amusingly, Hubbard was a secret agent spy who had infiltrated Parsons and the OTO and had "rescued" a "young woman" who presumably was being held against her will or something.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The insane crook absconded not only with Parson's girl friend but also stole a sailboat that Parsons was supposed to be selling, fleeing to Florida in an attempt to escape Parsons and the law that was quick on Hubbard's heels.

Ironically, Parsons set up shop in a hotel room in Florida and conducted Scientology-like rituals in an attempt to drive Hubbard and his stolen girl friend back to shore. What's ironic about it was that a storm did brew up and the sailboat's mainsail blew apart, forcing the crooks back to shore -- where they were arrested.

Hubbard later married that girl friend of Jack Parsons -- while "forgetting" to divorce the wife he already had. (Hubbard's extensive drug use and even more extensive alcoholism no doubt contributed to his poor memory.)

We get an abbreviated account of Hubbard's amusingly incompetent war record here:

"He later served as a lieutenant in the U.S. Navy during World War II and went on to become a prolific and popular science fiction writer."

Got to laugh. The Scientology crooks claim that Hubbard was a war hero and that he sunk Japanese submarines, won countless medals for his bravery, and was crippled and wounded by battle action, all of which were miraculously cured thanks to Dianetics cum Scientology.

Seems strange that your anonymous Scientology crook "forgot" to include that usual tripe in among the rest of his or her lies. Maybe that's because his fictional "war hero" lies were soundly debunked by Chris Owen's book, "Ron The War Hero," a copy of which can be found at:

Getting toward the end -- fortunately -- we start coming to more outrageously amusing notions advanced by your anonymous liar:

"He also wrote on the subjects of education, business management, drug rehabilitation, morals and art."

All of which nobody sane accepts, all of which were -- and remain -- the rough equal to frothingly insane kooks holding "The End Is Near!" placards while screaming at traffic while standing on street corners.

Hubbard's "business management" is a fraud known as "W.I.S.E" or "WISE" or "World Institute of Scientology Enterprises." It's an unworkable set of Hubbardiarian quack notions that wind up costing companies a lot of money and which are eventually and invariably discarded -- at great cost to the companies that mistakenly fall for the scam.

Hubbard's "drug rehabilitation" writings are equally amusing -- as amusing as his bizarre notions about the origins of humans, in fact. Hubbard was a drug addict so he certainly knew a great deal about illegal narcotics however his notions about rehabilitation are on a par with any quack medical fraud one could care to point at -- except that Hubbard's "purification rundown" has been fatal for a number of people, and has caused kidney and liver damage to countless more victims.

Finally we get to the death of this liar's Messiah:

"Hubbard died of a stroke on Jan. 24, 1986, at a central California ranch where he had been living in seclusion for several years."

Liar! Hubbard had been living under numerous felony indictments and had been hiding out at the heavily armed and fortified cult compound at Gilman Hot Springs in Southern California -- a location that's within fairly easy reach of the Mexican border (and thus relative freedom from the long arm of the law.)

When Hubbard was positively identified by law enforcement officers as hiding out at Gilman, Hubbard and a number of fellow crooks fled for Creston, California, a small town near San Luis Obispo. While his wife and several other crooks were left to bear the brunt of felony indictments, trial, conviction, and prison, Hubbard hid out at his secret compound at Creston like the god damned criminal coward that he was.

You would think that this anonymous Scientology crook would describe the death of his Messiah in more heroic measures -- maybe claiming he was killed while shooting down more Japanese submarines or something equally Scientological.

In fact Hubbard died while screaming in a psychotic rant about being covered in invisible murdered space aliens -- "Body Thetans." He had been injected with massive quantities of Vistaril, a drug which had increased Hubbard's psychotic dementia.

A good place to look for details on this clown's Messiah's death can be located on the Internet at the "Operation Clambake" web site at:

So much for the god damn lying sack of shit on the SPTimes' web site.


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