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Subject: Scientology Staff
Date: 2000/03/07

Are there many young people on staff in Scientology?

We find that young Scientologists enjoy the lifestyle of working in the Church, and many staff members are between the ages of 22 and 35. It may be that due to the expansion of Scientology they find that there are opportunities to achieve responsible positions quite rapidly. Many families have three generations in Scientology. But bear in mind that there are also a great many older people in Scientology, so it is not uncommon to meet staff who are 50, 60, 70 or even 80 years old.


And now for the truth

That's utter nonsense. The reason why there are a number of young people inside of the Scientology organization is because Scientology suckered them in by appealing to their ideologies with claims that Scientology can some how improve their intelligence, cure their mental and physical afflictions, and some how solve many of the world's problems. It's usually the young, naieve, inexperienced people who fall for such lofty though false scams.

Horribly, Scientology's human rights abuses involve very young children which the criminal organization's mad messiah L. Ron Hubbard considered to be "adults in little bodies." Some coverages of the horrible human rights abuses that young children are subjected to inside of the organization can be found at the Tax Exempt Child Abuse web site.

Another obvious reason why there are a number of young followers inside of the organization is the fact that the organization doesn't tell any of them about what Scientology is really all about. They can't tell them because few -- if any -- would buy into the frauds were they to find out about Xenu and the invisible murdered space aliens called "Body Thetans" which comprise the core beliefs of Scientology's leaders.

Likewise if Scientology's tre history were explained to prospective followerrs, I think it highly doubtful that any would sign up. The embarrasing Navy war record of Scientology's mad messiah L. Ron Hubbard, the numerous raids against their criminal activities, the deadly quack medical frauds -- all of this information about what Scientology is actually all about would negate almost entirely, I suspect, anyone's desire to sign up with the organization.

Older people who are a bit less niave and wide-eyed ideological who have experience with the felonious human nature of confidence men and the frauds of the world are less likely to fall for Scientology's endless lies and bunko bait-and-switch frauds.

Incidentally, Scientology "staff" is often an unpaid "position" and even when it is, only the high up ringleaders get any real money. "Staff" followers get paid a very small symbolic amount of money, often reported at being less than some $40 U. S. dollars a week for over 80 hours a week of hard work. Even that dollar amount is cut when Scientologists are punished and placed into the prison program known as the "RPF" or "Rehabilitation Project Force."

I've personally observed children being abused by the organization, watching them being forced to engage in hard labor constructing structured in Clearwater, Florida. Police in the area have expressed bewilderment and dismay at not being able to do anything about it due to the lack of criminal complaints which have to be filed by either the children's parents or by family members -- or by the District Attorney's office directly. Since the children's parents are most likely always followers of the criminal enterprise, such complaints simply don't happen. There have been cases where one parent has escaped, leaving their children and their spouse behind. In some cases the courts have been able to step in and remove a child from the hands of the criminal enterprise and saved the child.


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