Scientology Crooks Try to Make Money on Iraq Victims


Scientology's doublecross

NOTE: What follows is an advertisement by the Scientology crime syndicate attempting to make money off of Bush's war against the Iraqi people. Scientology's only goals are to extract as much money out of as many victims as possible for as long as possible and one of the scams these crooks have been engaged in has been trying to keep victims of 911 and victims of Bush's war in Iraq from getting proper mental health care so that they can sneak in with their quack medical frauds.

Collateral Damage in Iraq Includes Military Suicide
Monday April 26, 7:35 am ET

One in Every 10 Soldiers Evacuated Out of Iraq for Medical Care is Suffering from Mental-Health Problems

LOS ANGELES, April 26 /PRNewswire/ -- The following is a press release issued today by L. Ron Hubbard Public Relations West U.S.:

April has been the bloodiest period so far for U.S. troops in Iraq. The number of U.S. troops killed by enemy fire has now reached the highest level since the Vietnam War.

Actually no, the Americans in Iraq have been killed by George W. Bush. The people of Iraq who are fighting against the invaders are fighting for their lives and their country.

The Scientology crooks are trying to label people defending their homes against Bush's fascism "enemies." M

And this war is taking another toll on our soldiers -- "collateral damage" usually means unavoidable civilian deaths, but in Iraq it has come to mean an alarmingly high rate of military suicides.

No it hasn't. One wonders where the insane crooks came up with this bizarre lie.

Twenty-four Americans are known to have taken their own lives in Iraq in the past year. Four other deaths are being investigated. This count doesn't include the deaths of newly States-sided troops. There have been seven such suicides and another three deaths are under investigation.

When the body is fighting physical pain or illness, or the being feels anger, fear and terror, his dynamic urge to survive is driven down toward death, explains philosopher and humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard in Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health.

Yeah, he was quite the "humanitarian." Yep. The guy was a confidence crook who lied about his Navy career and never saw a day of combat -- which didn't stop him from claiming he was wounded to the point of near death but revived himself though the magic of Scientology.


Hubbard's research shows that when we experience moments of pain, with some degree of unconsciousness -- even a lessened awareness due to extreme emotional pain or stress -- our analytical thought process is affected. We record these incidents in the reactive, or subconscious, mind. "This is the single source of all irrational behavior," wrote Hubbard.

And by "research" the crooks mean "heavy dope usage and drinking to the point of hallucinations."


"Being in the middle of a war is extremely stressful and traumatic," says Jae Burnham, a veteran of Desert Storm. "While you are in combat you don't think about it. You have to hold it all inside and be tough. But it hits you afterwards. Many Desert Storm soldiers suffered long-term mental effects and our troops in Iraq are going through the same thing."

When Jae returned Stateside, he found it difficult to return to a happy and normal life. He felt angry and his emotions were extremely volatile. "I could blow up at the smallest thing," said Burnham. "All you had to do was look at me the wrong way and I wanted to wipe you out."

But then that's because the kook is a Scientologist. Scientology has a long and bloody history of snapping and starting to shoot fellow Scientologists.


He would be fine for a period of time and then, for no apparent reason, uncontrollable feelings of stress, anger and depression would set in.

"I found Dianetics in a bookstore and for the first time understood what happened to me," says Burnham. "It gave me a way to deal with the images locked in my reactive mind causing the irrational emotions and thoughts. It was a real relief to be rid of them -- and feel happy again."

The Scientology criminals are claiming that without Scientology this insane criminal would be out there walking freely among us a psychopath or something, it looks like, doesn't it?

Our troops are in a breeding ground for mental stress and depression. Without effective help they will be returning to a life of post-war mental stress. We will have created another generation who gave their lives for the cause -- whether they died over there, or they came home.

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Organized crime to the rescue! Our heros.


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