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Planned terrorism by Scientology

Here is Scientology's detailed plan to terrorize a Greek priest, Father Alevizopoulos. TWTH means "the Way to Happiness." It is the same propaganda booklet which Scientology is planning to distribute in New York City. Notice this plan was made in 1995, two years after Scientology was given amnesty and tax exemption by the IRS. For scans of this document with the Greek evidence stamps, visit

Look for project 558.


OSA INT 26 August 1995 OSA EU rev. 2. Sept 95 DSA GRE


On 9 June 95, the mission of Athens was raided by Prosecutor Aggelis assisted by the Security Police and who then called in the Finance Police. Vitamins, ethics files of the staff members, DSA files, valuable docs were seized by the Prosecutor and the fi nancial records were seized by the Finance police.

This raid happened after a series of 3 weekly entheta TV shows organized by reporter Michalopoulos on TV Teletora, a TV station known for conveying extreme rightist ideas. Priest Alevisopoulos and ex-Scientologist Anne Touloupi participated to one of the shows.

The content of the TV shows were taken up in enemy newspapers Apogevaatini, Nei, Antropii and Elefteri Ora. These media were built up on the unhandled PTS situations of staff members and publics whose parents had been stirred up by priest Aleviz opoulos to the point they accepted to appear on TV and do criminal acts as coming into the mission and destroying the mission property.

In the media, the message being pushed was that the government should act and reporter Michalopoulos had himself written a letter to the Prosecutor demanding him to start an investigation on KEFE. That Athens mission should be raided or will be raided was repeated in these media.

At the same period a highly mediatized trial started about 3 guys who had committed murders while allegedly practicing satanist rituals. When this trial arrived to the end a new highly mediatized raid took place, conducted by the same Prosecutor, in a group of homeopathic [sic] doctors dealing with Indian practices.

After the raid, as far as we know, Prosecutor Aggelis did not work on the case. The Finance police interrogated staff members and publics in order to determine if the association was conducting activities in accordance with its statutes and if these acti vities were taxable. The results of their investigation is not known yet and they are supposed to report their findings to the Prosecutor. The next step in this investigation is for the Prosecutor to bring criminal charges or to dismiss the whole matter.

He has no time limit to do it. On the other side the Finance Police could coordinate with the Tax Office to get a full tax inspection done on our records and then get tax assessments issued.

Inspection of the legal rudiments in Athens mission revealed that the corporate rudiments and the tax rudiments had been neglected. It showed also that the admin of the Treasury of this mission was off policy mainly caused by arbitraries from Legal.

Self-recorded TV shows on various subjects as suppression, communication, assists, study tech, are regularly running in 2 local TV stations outside Athens and give good results on div 6 lines. They have to be run also in Athens where almost half of the G reek population is located. Surveys showed that drugs, education and criminality are problems for Greece.

Some SHTD events were done but a campaign really needs to be created as well as other community actions.

Main attacker Alevizopoulos who has been regularly attacked in national newspapers since beginning 95 is continuing his fight against any group that is not Greek Orthodox. Further investigation is needed to get his illegal activities disclosed and expose d.

PURPOSE: Scientology activities safeguarded and expanding in Greece without distractions.

MAJOR TARGETS ------------- 1. Priest Alevizopoulis investigated with his crimes exposed.

2. Government comm lines created so as to be able to predict and handle future government attacks.

3. PR activities created with favorable media coverage obtained on community actions in order to create a favorable image for Scientology in Greece.

4. Legal rudiments gotten fully in and application for getting religious recognition in Greece fully researched and prepared.

5. Greece raid invest dropped or successfully handled.

PRIMARY TARGETS: ---------------- 1. Take full responsibility for the rapid execution of this program. DSA GREECE

2. Study the following issues: - HCO PL 15 August 1960 Department of Government Affairs. - HCO PL 13 March 1961 Department of Official Affairs. - PR Series 18 How to Handle Black Propaganda. - OSA NW Order 15 Black Propaganda. - OSA NW Order 60 Legal Approval. - OSA NW Order 40 Mechanism of Attacks and Defense. DSA GREECE

3. Study and word clear this program. DSA GREECE

4. Report daily about the progress on this program. DSA GREECE

5. Immediately get compliance reports written on any targets done and a copy sent to d/co dsa's osa eu and one to d/co conts osa int. DSA GREECE

VITAL TARGETS: -------------- 1. While executing this program, apply LRH policy in all your actions. DSA GREECE

2. Ensure you always have funds approved for any professionals. In case of emergency coordinate with EC and solve it with policy. DSA GREECE

3. Get a CSW presented to IAS for a grant and approved. DSA GREECE

4. Keep security in at all times. Keep your office and files locked when you are not in the area. Do not allow unauthorized personnel access to your office and brief the staff and publics on non-confidential matters. This includes also to set up a space outside the DSA office for your helpers to work. DSA GREECE

5. Keep in comm with the DSAs of the other countries for exchange of data. DSA GREECE

6. Keep the lawyers briefed on what is happening in the mission, on the visits being done, press obtained, favorable decisions, events in other countries, etc... DSA GREECE

OPERATING TARGETS: 1. Get the Public Record Collection completed on Alevizopoulos. This includes the researches on the statutes of the various associations he is involved in, the financing of these association, data on the founding members, etc. INV OFF GRE

2. Set up lines into the ARM group so that we can get prediction on their actions and we can identify those involved and work out individual handlings. INV OFF GRE

3. Set up the needed line to find out the exact role of the Special Unit on Parareligions within the Security Police (We know they are in comm with enemy report Dagounaki for example.) INV OFF GRE

4. Get a qualified PI found and briefed. (Advices should be gotten from the local church attorneys and/or a referral from a trusted professional in another country (US, Holland, France, UK, etc). INV OFF GRE

5. Get a PI to investigate Alevizopoulos as to his personal activities to find any past and current crimes he is involved in. This will include the period of his activities in Germany and also filling the gaps in his TT. INV OFF GRE

6. In order to increase our investigative capabilities, a research needs to be done to find out what it takes to register as a PI or a journalist in Greece. This research should include finding out if it is preferable to use a PI or a journalist, in term s of capabilities to access data and security (church safeguard). Local church attorney input must be gotten on this. If this does not involve too much added time and logistic (3 years studies or the like), a couple of qualified volunteers will have to be found who can register as a PI's/Journalists. They can then be used as Freedom reporters/investigators. INV OFF GRE

7. Get a Survey done for people having expertise and comm lines in journalism, media, lobbying, pr firms, scientific committees, pharmaceutical companies and politics. (See as per the prediction lines establishment project). INV OFF GRE

8. Through finding comm lines amongst the Greek clergy, find out his exact relations with the Holy Synodus members, who support him, who dislike him. INV OFF GRE

9. Get the exact role of the Orthodox Church PRO clarified and determine how he could be allied. INV OFF GRE

10. Utilize the data gotten to expose the priest's activities in national papers through the lines already existing. INV OFF GRE

11. Update the DA pack on Alevizopoulos and get it forwarded to any person who needs to be informed on his real activities. INV OFF GRE

12. Cultivate any line to the foreseen successor of Seraphin so he is fed with the right data. INV OFF GRE

13. See with Alexiou now the study of Alevizopoulos' books could be speeded up. When done get it distributed tot he concerned persons. DSA GREECE

14. Get a copy of the complaints on the black list that Alexiou wants to file after his return from holidays. Make sure he files this. Determine with him or/and his friends how it could be strengthened and what kind of data would still be needed. If any, see how we can get them them and forward them to him. DSA GREECE.

15. Get the priest's last book studied by the U-Man lawyer and implement his advice on the handling. DSA GREECE

16. Get it studied by lawyer Kourtis, get his advice and implement it. DSA GREECE

17. Get a DA pack done specifically on the Alevizopoulos' last book and forward it to the interested terminals. DSA GREECE

18. Carefully collect all the debriefs of the interventions of Alevizopoulos in the families and get the concerned public/staff to file complaints against him and/or Touloupi, etc. INV OFF GRE

19. Get a separate handling project written on Touloupi and implemented (This is to include establishing a line to her and collecting information on her that can be used to convince her to stop attacking the church). INV OFF GRE

20. Monitor the complaint filed by Dora against Alevizopoulos and Touloupi so that charges are brought against them. DSA GREECE

21. Monitor the complaints that Visso, Ilias and KEFE have filed against Dora's parents and Teletora so charges are brought against them. DSA GREECE

22. In coordination with HCO and Qual make sure that the PTS type C situations are getting resolved. DSA GREECE

23. Get a perception line established and functioning around the court. INV OFF GRE

24. Prepare and participate to the conferences organized by PANIFE in October and December. Qual and correct Theodou's speeches against LRH PR Series. Take the opportunity of these conferences to establish the maximum of comm lines with the PRO's and la wyers of the religious, philosophical and Human Rights groups. DSA GREECE. INV OFF GRE

25. Get an average of 4 successful visits done weekly to persons part of the Ministries, the Nomarch, IXA, Tax Office, police, .... DSA GREECE. PRO GREECE

26. Establish and cultivate comm lines in the area of Human Rights groups. DSA GREECE. PRO GREECE

27. Get the SNTD campaign created through the execution of the SNTD program. PRO GREECE

28. Get at least one "Cleaning the Parks" event done each week. Take good pictures of it and make this action known. PRO GREECE

29. Get events organized in which Scientologists go and plant new trees on the hills that have been recently burned down. Get media coverage. PRO GREECE

30. In liaison with the HES ATH get the TWTH booklet translated into Greek and printed. PRO GREECE

31. As part of the Clear Expansion Committee activities close an in-charge who will take care of the distribution of the booklet and will organize TWTH events. PRO GREECE

32. Get the first Freedom printed and distributed. PRO GREECE

33. Get one prepared and distributed every 2 months in which the activities of the Scientologists in Greece will be made known and the rotten spots of the Greek society exposed. PRO GREECE

34. Through the friend/client of lawyer Theodorou, get also positive articles about Scientology printed in the Greek newspapers. PRO GREECE

35. Work out and file complaints/suits on the papers who had printed entheta and refused to correct. PRO GREECE

36. In coordination with the EC get the Treasury of the mission to operate per LRH policy and to post a Treasury Sec. DSA GREECE

37. Get the legal rudiments program executed by: a. Putting the corporate books in order. DSA GREECE

b. Getting the new invoices printed and in use. DSA GREECE

c. Getting the DVs printed and in use. DSA GREECE

d. Getting the donation rates for services increased. DSA GREECE

e. Implementing the VAT on services. DSA GREECE

f. Implementing withholding Social Security payments for all staff. DSA GREECE

g. Getting the membership system fully in. DSA GREECE

h. Getting KEFE registered at the Tax Office for the sale of E-Meters. DSA GREECE

38. Get the first annual payment of tithes to SMI INT prepared, approved as a donation by the Tax Office and the payment done. DSA GREECE

39. Get the statutes of the mission revised to be aligned to policy. DSA GREECE

40. Get the statutes CSW'ed to OSA Int for approval and get them filed. DSA GREECE

41. Get the expertise on Scientology as a religion completed. DSA GREECE

42. Get the researches on how to get Athens mission set up as a Church in Greece done. DSA GREECE

43. Get the application prepared and sent up for approval. DSA GREECE 44. Once the application is approved, get it filed. DSA GREECE

45. Get the lawyers to talk to the Finance Police to know the results of their investigation. DSA GREECE

46. Get the lawyers to meet the Prosecutor to get his position and intentions in this case. DSA GREECE

47. If he has the intention to file criminal charges, get the lawyers to handle him by forwarding him with the right data and get him to dismiss the case.

48. Conditional: If charges are filed, get a copy of the case file and write a separate program for the handling of the case and get it executed. DSA GREECE

49. Get the DSA quals CSW approved by OSA INT. DSA GREECE

50. Get the DSA mini hatted. DSA GREECE

51. Get the DSA through the Est-O steps, per Est-0 Series 16. DSA GREECE

52. Get the DSA through her Full Hat. DSA GREECE

53. Get the PRO through the Est-O steps. DSA GREECE

54. Get the PRO to complete the Student Hat. DSA GREECE

55. Get the former DSA posted as Invest Officer. DSA GREECE

56. Get him through the Est-O steps. DSA GREECE

57. Get him through his Full Hat. DSA GREECE

Production target: 3 months.


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