Scientology "Volunteer Minister"
Actively participates in False Imprisonment


Scientology's doublecross

Scientology "Volunteer Minister" actively participates in False Imprisonment

Largo, Florida police case #02-78781.

This case was previously posted about and discussed when the incident took place in 2002. The St. Petersburg Times article about it is here:

This involved Scientologists Catherine and Terry Ray Hemphill. Terry Hemphill (aka Ray) tied up his wife Catherine with electrical tape, assisted by Jamie J. Popa and Laurie L. Miller. In the contents of this report (which will be posted to the web or abs as soon as I can get it scanned) Jamie J. Popa is described as a Scientology Volunteer Minister.

Popa and Miller evidently came to the Hemphill home to assist Ray Hemphill with transporting his wife Catherine to a doctor. Catherine refused to go, and the three of them forcibly held her down and taped her hands behind her back.

The following is an excerpt of Catherine Hemphill's statement. Note the "blond girl" is Jamie Popa.

"...when I came out, Ray got my arms and the blond girl said to put my hands in back of me and to put tape on my hands. Ray got the tape, (Lori Miller also was forcing me down) the blond girl said more tape lots of tape. I looked at Lori, I said what are you a psyche?! Lori, what are you a psyche?! The girl (blond) said to get tape and put it on my mouth. Lori got the tape."

The police report indicated that Catherine Hemphill was "remarkably lucid, even considering the recent ordeal she had just gone through." She was refusing to go to a doctor she had never seen and did not know, and was not told of an appointment or to expect visitors prior to her husband, Popa and Miller showing up at her house. At the time, she was separated from her husband. Her current marital status is not known. Catherine Hemphill subsequently requested the state not prosecute this case, and it was closed.

There is no doubt in my mind that significant pressure must have been brought to bear on her to not pursue these charges. This is a very damning portrayal of how Scientology's "Volunteer Ministers" actually behave when interacting with fellow "parishoners." I wonder if the "Lisa Clause" contract covers being forcibly restrained with electrical tape?



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