In Extract: Tips for being a successful Volunteer Minister


Scientology's doublecross

In Extract: Tips for being a successful Volunteer Minister

What follows is a Fair Use extract of intercepted email that the Scientology criminal enterprise sent out to some of its scammers in July of 2004. Most of the email has been removed since it's not relevant and to ensure that the exposure of the Scientology enterprise's frauds, scams, and abuses fall fully within the dictates of Fair Use.

The names and email addresses have been removed from the email since such mailing lists as this appeared in have been heavilly infiltrated by law enforcement and human rights organiaztions and individuals, and the origins of the individual who legitimatly and lawfully was mailed a copy of this original email is being protected from Fair Game racketeering retaliation.

To: -- Identity removed for the safety of the law enforcement officer --
From: -- Identity removed for the safety of the law enforcement officer --
Date: July 2004
Subject: Tips for being a successful Volunteer Minister

"As the benefits of the Volunteer Minister program begin to spread throughout the society, a rank and file of people that have been helped will begin to accumulate. These people will begin to feed into the missions and Churches of Scientology from wherever the Volunteer Minister has been at work."

Here we have the Scientology corporation admitting that their "Volunteer Minister" fake front is just that -- a front that attempts to rook and swindle people in to "feeding into" the Scientology business offices.

We see that the main agenda of the Scientology crooks is not to help anyone but to divert them in to purchasing Scientology frauds and scams.

5) Expand your sphere of responsibility. Your zone of control extends all the way to that of the next Scientology org. So reach out beyond the borders of your city, province or state and introduce Scientology to millions!
I've removed 99% of the original mailing since these two extracts show exactly what the Scientology crooks are attempting to do with their fictitious "Volunteer Ministers" scams.

Finally we come to this:

2004 Church of Scientology International. All Rights Reserved. For Trademark Information

These people's actions in the face of national and local disasters is nothing short of fraud and -- in the case of the September 11'th attacks against New York -- their actions in attempting to divert rescue efforts were acts ammounting to treason.


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