Scientology Employs 'Suitable Guises' to Deceive People


Scientology's doublecross

The Scientology® organization employs something they call a "suitable guise" and you'll notice the organization using it in their many public relations claims, some of which are faithfully reproduced (and then soundly debunked) here on the Volunteer Minister web site.

Basically a "suitable guise" is when a Scientologist adopts a fake name or identity which they present to the real world for various lengths of time and then when they're done with them, they discard the "suitable guise." The organization's public relations salesmen are "hatted" in the parlance of the organization to "outflow false data effectively" (in non-cult-speak they "lie") often using these "suitable guises." Scientologists are trained to lie using a written process they call "TR-L" or "Training Routine Lie (a link to a copy of that policy is provided below.)

You'll notice in the debunkings of the organization's claims the fact that the names the organization offers are all first names only and the actual identity of the individual is impossible to determine. (This is done in the organization's "Narconon" and "Criminon" quack medical claims extensively, incidentally.)

That's done deliberately since Scientology has two major problems. To be specific, (1) people don't stay in Scientology for very long, getting out when they find out what the organization really is all about, and (2) Scientology's criminal history is well known. The organization has no credability out in the real world to the point where when a jury hears the name "Scientology," unfortunately they automatically assume the Scientologist is guilty.

The Scientology organization snuck in to Clearwater Florida under the "suitable guise" of "United Churches of Florida" because they knew that they would have been run out of town had people known who they actually were. The application of "suitable guises" is done because the organization knows that their criminal basis for existence is well documented and, thanks to the Internet, widely known.

For more information on the organization's "suitable guise" policy, check the following web pages:

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