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Subject: Free Speech
Date: 1999/03/31


The Church has campaigned for freedom of speech and freedom of information throughout its history.

Having suffered serious human rights violations as a result of false reports from government agencies, the Church has took action to support and promote the Freedom of Information Act. Through FOIA, the Church was able to isolate false reports and, working with local authorities, was able to fully handle them.

Here is an example of Snow White at work in the US:

In November 1975, the United States Department of Labor agreed to destroy a memorandum in its files written by a Mr. Shirley Foley of the Department's Immigration Division eight years earlier, in November 1967. Among other falsehoods, the memo had alleged that Scientologists used LSD and electric shock treatment -- utterly false allegations which become ludicrous when viewed in light of the Church's long-standing opposition to the use of drugs and such "treatments."

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And now for the truth

We see once again the usual fabrications in Scientology's claims, starting with the suggestion that their organization supports freedom of speech. I've debunked that claim soundly in Lies Debunked: Operation Snow White - Portugal so I won't do so again here. That debunking also covers the organization's bizarre lies about their "Operation Snow White" some how being a lawful program so I won't bother debunking them again here. Lies Debunked: Operation Snow White - Germany soundly debunks the organization's claims of some how being persecuted so I won't cover them again here.

The only new claims is the suggestion that Scientologists don't use LED or electroshock. In fact there have been a number of reports by followers to escaped from Scientology alleging that LSD has been used by Scientologists as a weapon as part of their well- dcumented "Fair Game" policy by putting LSD into people's toothpaste. One such allegation comes from a video interview of one-time operative Mike McClaughry who used to work wihin Scientology's "Guardian Office / Office of Special Affairs." That video testimony can be reviewed at The Lisa McPherson Trust web site in their Media section.

Scientology doesn't use "electroshock" as such however the orgainzation does subject its followers to the low level use of electric current which some experts -- Such as Mr. Armie Lerma -- find to be addictive. The organization subjects its victims to these electrical currents through a quack medical device they calle an E-Meter.

As for being opposed to drugs, Scientology's deadly and dangerous quack medical "drug treatment" scams can be examined in high detail by reviewing the NarCONon IS Scientology web site which is also maintained by the Skeptic Tank organization.

For a copy of the "Stipulation of Evidence" which put a number of the syndicate's ringleaders into prison for their "Operation Snow White", review StipOfEv.HTM which I've reformatted from the public domain document and made available for this exposure.

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