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The Snow White Program definitely had some unexpected and socially significant ramifications. In the United States, Freedom of Information Act requests and research by the Church led not only to the discovery of false reports on Scientology, but uncovered illicit government activity such as the following:

These investigative reports, which benefited and protected the human rights of people outside the Church, were initiated by Scientologists working on the Snow White program.

For more information about Scientology and Freedom magazine that covers these issues go to:

Public Relations
Church of Scientology International

And now for the truth

What you just read is the Scientology organization attempting to find some jutification for their massive felonies conducted under a program they called "Operation Snow White" which I've discussed in some detail on Lies Debunked: Operation Snow White - Portugal. "Operation Snow White" involved breaking into government offices, stealing, planting, and altering documents, and subverting government law enforcement and intelligence agencies by installing criminal spies.

Here you see the crime syndicate attempting to pretend that "Operation Snow White" consisted solely of making Freedom of Information Act requests. Curiously, however, there's no mention of the fact that a number of ringleaders went to prison for "Operation Snow White." People don't go to prison for filling out Freedom of Information Act requests, of course.

Scientology's magazine euphemistically called "Freedom" is a conspiracy nut rag filled with paranoid delusions prompted by the insanity of Scientology's mad messiah L. Ron Hubbard who himself experienced mental difficulties. (See Ron the War Hero for a copy of a letter Hubbard wrote to the VA's office asking for psychological help.) Within that conspiracy nut rag one can read an amazing number of silly claims, some of which might even be true. The three incidents enumerated by the Scientology spokesperson might even have actually taken place. What's not known is whether Scientology stole the documents as part of "Operation Snow White" or whether they acquired the documents like so many other people did though the FOIA.

In any event the information is hardly surprising and the Scientology crime syndicate doesn't hold an exclusive patent to use the FOIA to get documents from the United States government.

It's amusing to note that one of the reasons why Scientology campaigned to get the Freedom of Information Act passed was so that they could acquire their mad messiah L. Ron Hubbard's Navy record. After the passage of the Act the organization promptly acquired Hubbard's Navy record and then promptly labeled it forgeries. They found out that their mad messiah had been lying to them and, rather than accept the truth of the matter they decided to pretend the FOIA-retrieved documents were forgeries. They had no choice because their entire quack medical fraud is based upon Hubbard's obviously false claims that he had been wounded in battle and -- thanks to his "research" which eventually became "Dianetics" and thus Scientology. (See Ron the War Hero for copies of Hubbard's embarrassing Navy record.

It's also amusing to note that for many years Scientology tried to deny any involvement in their own "Operation Snow White," claiming that it was "rogue Scientologists" who conducted the massive criminal felonies against the United States which resulted in the single most largest and widespread incidence of domestic espionage in America's history. Now -- thanks, I would guess, to the Internet -- the criminal enterprise can't keep making that claim and are now trying to "spin" their felonies by claiming their criminal activites are some how of benefit to humanity. Organized crime is never to anyone's benefit in Democracies. We should probably be happy that they've finally admitted to running "Operation Snow White," however; an operation which has been been recalled.

For a copy of the "Stipulation of Evidence" which put a number of the syndicate's ringleaders into prison for their "Operation Snow White", review StipOfEv.HTM which I've reformatted from the public domain document and made available for this exposure.

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