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Date: 1998/09/15


The Church has campaigned for freedom of speech and freedom of information throughout its history.

Having suffered serious human rights violations as a result of false reports from government agencies, the Church has took action to support and promote the Freedom of Information Act. Through FOIA, the Church was able to isolate false reports and, working with local authorities, was able to fully handle them.

Here is an example of Snow White at work in Germany:

In Germany, Scientologists learned that in 1972, Detlev Ploog, director of the Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry (MPIP), had written to the Ministry of Youth, Family and Health, with a plea for help to stop the Church of Scientology from exposing abuses and inhuman conditions in psychiatric institutions. Ploog's letter had been precipitated by Freedom magazine's expose of human rights abuses connected with psychiatrist Ernst Rudin, an avid admirer of Hitler and the recipient of numerous awards from the Nazis who recognized him as one of the fathers of the Nazi movement's ideology. Freedom had also exposed human rights violations at MPIP, including negligent overadministration of psychiatric drugs and wanton use of electric shock and other inhumane practices.

Ploog's letter spawned a bogus investigation and secret dossier on the Church based on old, false reports from the U.S. that had accumulated in government files. The Church was able to put an end to the investigation when the false reports were brought to light and the true data could be put in their place. That was the Snow White Program at work.

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And now for the truth

There are a lot of outright fabrications in Scientology's claims, starting with the suggestion that their organization supports freedom of speech. I've debunked that claim soundly in Lies Debunked: Operation Snow White - Portugal so I won't do so again here. That debunking also covers the organization's lies about "Operation Snow White" so I won't bother debunking them again here.

As for having "suffered serious human rights violations as a result of false reports from government agencies," such a notion doesn't seem to be supported by any real documentation. What the Scientology organization "forgets" to mention is the fact that they tell their followers that many governments -- including Germany -- are in fact being controlled and/or run by aliens from outerspace as part of the "Marcabian conspiracy" which their mad messiah L. Ron Hubbard dreamed up. Yet it's not just governments that are supposedly under the control of aliens. Ms. Stacy Brooks -- a Human Rights activist who worked within the Lisa McPherson Trust was informed that Scientology considers her and Mr. Robert Minton to be "off worlders."

Since Scientology believes that cosmic and powerful alien conpiracies and supernatural forces are working hard to "stop" Scientology (at least that's what the ringleaders tell their followers) you'll find paranoid and delusional claims of government conspiracies all through out Scientology's publications yet don't look for official press releases from Scientology explaining the alian invasion fleets from outer space; the organization doesn't want you to know about that until you pay up big bucks for the privelage.

Germany is one of the many countries which recognizes Scientology as a totalitarian criminal enterprise. Certainly many within the law enforcement agencies and the intelligence agencies of the United States likewise recognize Scientology as organized crime. Indeed, Lt. Ray Emmons of the Clearwater Police Department published an Investigative Summary of Scientology covering the need for Congressional funding to fight everybody's foe: organized crime.

Looking at the rest of Scientology's claims reproduced above, what we find is what the organization calls "Dead Agenting." It's extremely unlikely that Mr. Detlev Ploog ever wrote to anybody to "help stop the Church of Scientology from exposing abuses and inhuman conditions in psychiatric institutions." Scientlogy's patholical paranoid delusions regarding the mental health industry is well documented all over the Internet so I won't bother including references here. What Mr. Detlev Ploog probably wrote was a complaint to the authorities about Scientology's usual racketeering and subversion. For such audacity, the Scientology crime syndicate engaged in "Dead Agenting" to try to discredit Mr. Ploog in the mistaken hopes that the authorities would discount his complaint. That's just what the Scientology crime syndicate does.

Scientology's magazine euphemistically called "Freedom" is a conspiracy nut rag filled with paranoid delusions prompted by the insanity of Scientology's mad messiah L. Ron Hubbard who himself experienced mental difficulties. (See Ron the War Hero for a copy of a letter Hubbard wrote to the VA's office asking for psychological help.) The organization's pathological hatred of the mental health industry also stems from the fact that the industry doesn't recognize Hubbard's quack medical notions as anything but utter nonsense.

What Scientology "forgets" to mention in their conspiracy nut rag is the fact that they believe that the mental health industry is being controlled and/or run by aliens from outer space, something Hubbard called the "Marcabs." Scientology's ringleaders obviously can't mention these fact since people would recognize their hatred of the mental health industry as an artifact of their own collective insanity.

Finally, the suggestion that the crime syndicate was able to put a stop to any efforts in Germany at curbing Scientology's criminal actions and abuses is nonsense. Germany continues to be one of the strongest nations which actively fights against totalitarian criminal organizations with neo-Fascist ideologies.

Incidentally, Scientology maintains a paramilitary branch they call their "Sea Org." This group is discussed elsewhere on this web site and you should review that information as well. The fact that Scientology maintains a paramilitary front containing totalitarian, anti-Democratic ideologies is of particular concern to the German government who saw another insane megalomanic long before Hubbard came along.

For a copy of the "Stipulation of Evidence" which put a number of the syndicate's ringleaders into prison for their "Operation Snow White", review StipOfEv.HTM which I've reformatted from the public domain document and made available for this exposure.

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